NOMAD Summer
A hands-on course on tools for novel-materials discovery
September 25-29, 2017, Berlin


Data-driven research meets materials science and engineering.

Did you know that millions of CPU hours are spent every day in HPC centers worldwide just to compute materials properties? Consequently, there is an enormous amount of materials data, waiting for being explored. What can we do with this data? This is where the NOMAD Centre of Excellence ( comes in. The NOMAD Laboratiory CoE develops novel tools that allow us to gain insight into physical processes in materials based on Materials-Science Big-Data.

For an introdcution, just have a look on our recent short movie that explains the topic in simple terms.

This summer school will demonstrate NOMAD‘s achievements to academia and industry, and teach novice and advanced researchers how to use the tools we have developed. These tools include the NOMAD Encyclopedia (a search engine for materials and their properties), advanced visualization tools to make physical processes easier to understand, and data-analytics tools tailored for materials science, that will enable the community to predict novel materials with tailored functions.

We can still accept a few participants from academia and industry. Please, apply asap by filling out the registration form.

Topics to be addressed

(i) Data repositories and archives
(ii) Advanced graphics, including virtual reality
(iii) NOMAD Encyclopedia - our web-based public infrastructure that provides a materials-oriented view on the computed data
(iv) Preparation and analysis of high-throughput simulations
(v) Big-data analytics covering

  • Structure prediction by compressed sensing and subgroup discovery
  • Cluster expansion, cross-validation, and ab initio thermodynamics
  • First-principles molecular dynamics with machine-learned forces
  • Machine learning in materials science for emerging applications
  • Entropy-stabilized materials
  • Screening of high breakdown strength materials assisted by machine learning
  • and more ...


  • September 25, 2017: Start of the summer school
  • September 29, 2017: End of the summer school


Thanks to the Psi-k network, we can offer a limited number of grants for PhD students and early-stage postdocs for refunding part of the registrations fee.